Our Olive Oil

In 2015, we have founded our farm "Azienda Agricola Maremma Sapori" and started with our own olive oil production.

Since quality is very important for us, we have opted for the best possible quality seal of Tuscany: "OLIO DI OLIVA, EXTRAVERGINE, TOSCANO IGP".

The soil and the climate of the Tuscany are ideal for olive groves, and above the Podere Follona there is an old olive grove of about 160 trees of typical varieties Frantoio and Lecino. We harvest in the months of October and November, but like wine the right time remains to be seen, so that the olives have the perfect ripeness. To harvest nets are placed under the trees and the healthy olives are picked by hand with special hooks. Once we have harvested the minimum quantity for a press, the olives are immediately brought to the oil mill and are cold pressed. After a short storage in a steel container the oil is filtered and then bottled.